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Carthago in Nakano serves regional
cuisine from the Muslim countries
that line the Mediterranean's southe-
rn rim, from Morocco at the Atlantic
end of the Maghreb to Turkey.
Situated a short walk from Nakano
Station, Carthago is a small, cozy
kind of place with a handful of tables
that two waiters, one dressed in what
appears to be Berber dress, manage
quite adequately. But for larger groups,
there is a party room at the back, extravagantly decorated in Arab style.
(Party space closed now)
Meat, grains and beans figure prominently in the local cuisines.@ But since
many of the dishes at Carthago concentrate on just one of the above ingre-
dients, it is advisable to choose at least two courses. A meat dish alone can
be a bit dry.
Alternatively, one can order one of the sets organized around the various
national cuisines of the region. Priced at an average of 4,000 yen, they include
dishes such as unleaven bread sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, a grain sa-
lad known as tabouli, two dips, a choice of soup, cakes made out of beans,
falafel and a meat dish, often a kebab.
The restaurant also offers a good selection of wines from the region at a
self-service bar, with glasses at 300 yen. Though little known internationally,
the wines are extremely good. It's a shame they are so hard to buy in Tokyo.
For dessert, there is a selection of exquisite-looking Arab pastries and very
strong coffees. But the best way to round off the meal is with a mint tea,
known in Morocco as "Moroccan Whisky". Made out of fresh mint, it is the
perfect digestive.

Open from 18:00 to 23:00(last order22:30) for dinner.
Closed on Wednesday.

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